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Fair enough you'd wanna know!


Hi, I'm Amanda

I created the Inside Out Hub for all the reasons above!

I love popcorn, sweet & salty combinations, and I do a mean 'Elaine Benes' dance move.


Born and bred in Perth, I ran a design business before moving to Melbourne to complete my design studies. I've worked for Apple, Aussie start-ups, a global eCommerce business and a global FMCG brand.

My experience spans across Business Manager, People & Culture Manager, Career Coach, Trainer & Facilitator and Learning & Development Manager, so I have heaps of experience to bring.

Above all, I'm a 'scrapper'. I don't believe that linear pathways are the best thing, and love to bring a creative approach to almost anything!

I now live in Perth with my pooch, Harvey.

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With a background in design and interest in the design thinking model, I strive to help people see things differently.

I value new ideas, pushing boundaries and adding creativity to everyday moments.


For me, connection embodies; community, belonging and value.

I connect WITH you by getting to know you, taking on your problems and helping you find solutions so that your employees feel more connected.

Love of Learning

When we stop learning, we stop growing. We believe in adopting a growth mindset, seeing opportunities for improvement.


I want learning and development to be something that excites your team rather than makes their eyes roll!!

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