This is just the start in how I can help you


Offered over day or hour rates, project rates & monthly retainers to fit your needs so it's best to have a chat!

Understand and define what it means to really be an Employer of Choice and how you can do it

Build a solid people strategy that includes recruitment, remuneration, benefits, learning, engagement, performance and align it to the business goals 

Advice on all processes relating to end-to-end employment (how you recruit, interview, onboard, nurture and part ways with employees)

Help you understand your employees' needs both personally & professionally and then generate ways to develop them and the business!

Skill Audit using a competency framework for professional development for individuals or as part of a competency framework roll-out. Includes action plans

Facilitate engaging & relevant training online or in person for your leaders and employees

Design internal communication & resources so you can communicate effectively & engage your team

Content creation to build skills where your business lacks and to build transferrable skills in individuals 

Help you choose the right platforms and SaaS to support your people & productivity (HRIS, LMS, communication)

Extra ways we're helping you during these tough times...

Covid-19 has really shaken things up, and many may have found themselves out of work with no clue on how to get back on the horse.

It can be hard to 'sell yourself' especially in the current climate with things all up in the air. But don't fret, people are hiring and there's a great job out there for you.

Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn, OH MY!

Choose from the options shown here and then book in and order your service. Once it's confirmed, you'll receive an email to schedule in your first session. You'll need to provide your most recent resume or list of experience before we kick things off in the first session.


  • 2 x 15 min phone sessions

  • 1 cover letter & 1 resume

  • Word and PDF versions supplied

  • Choose from the below templates

  • Includes 1 set of basic changes

  • 1-2 business day turnaround


  • 2 x 15 min phone sessions

  • Advice and tips on how to:

    • Get your profile to stand out​

    • Make yourself 'searchable'

    • Searching for jobs smartly

    • Approaching people


Your first session can be 15 or 30 min to discuss both or we'll go one at a time!

Interview Prep

Once we've completed your resume, we can support you on interview preparation WHEN you get those callbacks.

Price is dependent on job and application process, so enquire with us when you're at this stage!

Skill Audit

Whether changing careers, or looking for growth at your current workplace, we offer a skill audit session by using a world renowned leadership competency framework.

The session goes for 2.5 hours, and will help you identify strengths and skills that need work with a full skill audit and then we'll map out ways for you to upskill and you'll get a take-home pack to help you keep working on it!


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