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What you'll get
Identify your top 3-5 core values
Write down why you chose them
Share them with your colleagues. Our values influence our motivation and drive, so letting your manager and colleagues know what they are, helps you do your best work!
Download the exercise & worksheet (interactive PDF).



The Accountability Ladder is a great tool for keeping us and others in check on certain tasks. The level of accountability we take can flip and flop depending on our mood, or how in control we are feeling at the time. We're human, so little triggers like this ladder are great every now and then for all of us!

What you'll get

A poster!

Ask yourself and your team "where on the ladder am I today?"

Am I feeling out of control and therefore shifting blame and making excuses, or am I owning my part and making it work?

Download the PDF Poster.

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When we feel like things are out of our control, it can significantly affect our mood, relationships, behaviour & mental health.


A Control Map helps us really see what we can control in our lives, and that it is, in many ways, going to be OK if we refocus. 


What you'll get

An interactive PDF (type straight in, or print out to use)

Identify what's IN your control (stuff you can really put your energy to) and what's OUT of your control (stuff that can be let go).


A bucket list is all the things we'd like to accomplish in our life, so it stands to reason that the reverse bucket list is the opposite...everything you've already achieved!

When starting a new chapter in life (job, move etc), we can feel like we know NOTHING...but that's not true, and this exercise reminds us just how much we already have to be proud of!

What you'll get
An interactive PDF you can type straight into or print to write on

Think accomplishments big and small, personal or professional
E.g. travel, career, family, skills, courage, choice, care, education.

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Feedback can be so awkward! People either avoid it, or do it really, really badly.
Don't be these people.

What you'll get
A 2 page PDF poster. 1 page features the image here to visually remind you what feedback is REALLY about.
The second page gives you some pointers for making sure feedback is delivered and received in the best way possible!


Things I find useful, that I think you may enjoy too!