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Supporting the people of NFPs, SMBs and start-ups with engaging & easy resources.  


We help you save money and time through better People practises.


Having worked in 'people and culture', we realised one big thing; HR is not solely responsible for building a great culture. In fact, frontline and senior leaders drive this and the better leader you are (nay, person) the more ability you have to build something that really fosters growth, results and engagement. 

As your business grows, the need to lead teams becomes inevitable and incredibly important. Often the People Plan is overlooked in the early stages. We get it, budgets are tight, you have boards to answer to, and money needs to go towards making you more money to grow. But workplace culture is more than yoga, instagram posts and free breakfast.

The culture that occurred naturally when you were a team of five, may need tweaking now that you're scaling. If you're still in start-up phase, why not get ahead and plan now for your growth?! 


Down the road, you may encounter engagement and performance issues, skill and development concerns, unprepared managers and aren't people just darn complicated?!


We help you simplify and set a solid foundation for success.



Create or edit employee letters, documents, policies & procedures

Organisation Design

Support your performance management process & conversations

Support employees with redundancy outcomes (resume etc)


Create engaging online and in-person development material such as training and performance tools

Design change management processes and roll outs

You can enrol in courses under the 'Grow' tab, or we'll build with you!


Creating, facilitating, and training your trainers too.

  We'll assess your most important needs.


We cover leadership, employee capability, customer service, sales, people skills and tech skills.

We recommend looking at the I.O SELF section too!


Internal communications for your roll outs, changes and general engagement.

We help you position yourself as an ACTUAL Employer of Choice and not just what you say you do on LinkedIn!



FREE chat to understand who you are and what your immediate, short & long term needs and wants are.

We'll walk you through our services, initial thoughts and possible next steps.


Using a mix of our ready-made and tailored resources we'll work WITH you on enhancing your ways of working.

Build templates, documents, training, run workshops, online learning and internal comms.


We'll start mapping out what our future partnership looks like so you can thrive!


We can keep popping in as often as you like, support on decisions and help you create with you in the driver's seat!

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